We know it’s tough to run a business – so we put together a scorecard to help you find new ways to increase your profit. In it we’ll help you score your current strengths and weaknesses and offer many improvements for:

  • How to get prospects to find and buy your products more frequently on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon
  • The best policies to adopt to increase your online sales
  • How to build more trust resulting in an increased sell through rate
  • Techniques to lower your costs to eke out extra profit margin on every sale

Some of our Online Sellers

Get a Real Profit Instead of Giving Money Away

Most sellers pick distributors, load a catalog up, set a markup and list their products to marketplaces and other channels. You can build some profit this way, but you’re giving away a lot.

In the Aftermarket Profit Maximizer™, you’ll discover where you’re leaking money in all steps of the sales cycle and how to tweak what you do to get it back.

These recommendations are curated from numerous SureDone parts and accessories customers and it’s helped them add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line as they scale. These principles are timeless.

Complete the scorecard, implement what you’re missing, and watch as your profits start to increase.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ken Brown

Ken Brown

Performance Plus Tire & Auto

“It was evident that we needed more than fancy spreadsheets to keep track of things at Performance Plus. We ran into you guys at IRCE in Chicago and we looked at SureDone very carefully and haven’t looked back – and haven’t questioned that decision at all. You guys have helped us grow, as simple as I can say it.”

Arun Matthews

Arun Matthews

Hebron Consumer Products

“We used a competitor of yours and didn’t think we were getting the attention we should – and any changes we wanted to the software were taking a long time. We found out you guys are integrated with DCI and eBay and thought you would be a good option for us. We think SureDone has been good value for the money and a great ROI.”

Patrick Mahoney

Patrick Mahoney

Mike's Auto

“SureDone is pretty cool because in one listing tool we can attach to all of our marketplaces in one place. We found that processing data with SureDone and using their API we’re able to upload price and inventory changes easily. SureDone is the best listing tool I have seen.”

Hey I’m Jason Nadaf. Founder and CEO of SureDone and a serial entrepreneur. 

I speak to thousands of e-commerce sellers and I hear their problems and their solutions – the things that enable them to scale and grow their online businesses. And our very first customer, and the one that gave us incentive to build SureDone in the first place, was in the motorsports space – buying motorcycles off of Craigslist and parting them out on eBay. We know this space and it continues to be the largest vertical we serve.

In this brand new scorecard you’re going to discover how to keep that money that you’re just giving away today using tried and true methods to both increase your sales and decrease your costs.

After you’ve implemented the Aftermarket Profit Maximizer™, you’ll start seeing a better bottom line. Period.

It’ll send your confidence and your team’s confidence through the roof. And let you invest more into growth and success.

Excited to share this with you!

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