Check out how we’ve enhanced our software to radically increase scalability and stability, and the great new features we’ve added in 2017! Plus, we’ve added some stellar new capabilities for automotive and motorsports parts and accessories resellers.

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Scalability and Stability

SureDone is enterprise ready and now runs completely on the highly secure, scalable and stable Amazon Web Services platform. As the call for listing, modifications, inventory updates and other needs rise and fall, our architecture automatically scales to meet the requirements. And our servers are spread out across multiple zones to deliver the availability even the most demanding sellers seek.

Our bulk management system has been updated and is now 20x faster than before. Upload a few thousand changes in minutes or add hundreds of thousands of items in a few hours. Exports too. And your bulk files are now all named for easy result identification and can be cancelled on the fly.

Channel Updates and More Data!

We’ve added, and will be available shortly. Coming in 2018 will be Rakuten, Shopify and other popular marketplaces and channels.

Our Amazon integration has been updated with all of the latest categories. We now support sending only an ASIN for simple listing, and UPC mapping so you can use different UPCs on Amazon.

BigCommerce now supports full custom field mapping and the import and listing of all product specifics. And you can set whether SureDone or BigCommerce controls an item’s rules – so as BigCommerce releases new features we won’t overwrite your use of them!

We’ve also updated our built-in, and included at no additional cost, Google Shopping integration to allow you to leverage all the new fields and data mappings they support.

More channels. More data. More flexibility. More sales and profit.

The Features You’ve Been Looking For

We’ve listened to our customers and have added some great features to help you sell more and make more:

  • Not only do we have full support for kits and bundles, but you can base their availability on various stock fields including those of your distributors – and also automatically price and cost them based upon their components.
  • You can use different images for Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento and Google Shopping.
  • “Sticky Skip” allows you to save, on a per product basis, which channels each product should and shouldn’t be listed to.
  • We’ve radically enhanced our product search, including the ability to compare fields in the search. For example, cost:>price will show you all items where the cost you’ve provided is greater than the price you’re charging, helping you find those errant entries.
  • We’ve improved our user interface to add features such as per user customization, better saved searches, order times shown in your timezone and more.
  • We now store even more data received from marketplaces for easy retrieval via our enhanced and open API.

Even More Parts & Accessories Capabilities

We support pretty much every category, and we support the one category most others don’t – automotive and motorsports parts and accessories. We’ve added even more features to support enterprises, brands and growing businesses in this vertical.

  • We’ve connected our system to DCI’s data repository to support direct import of over one million products with full data including images – and we’ll be adding more data connections in 2018.
  • Radically enhanced bulk management to rapidly add, modify or delete hundreds of thousands – even millions – of SKUs.
  • Deep kits and bundles support including “bundles of one” for when you list several identical items with different parts compatibility information in the title but want to tie inventory to a single part.
  • Numerous additional distributor automations for inventory updates today, and drop shipping in the future, including Keystone, Meyer, Tucker Rocky, Premier, WPS and eight more.
  • We support automated custom CSV imports today, but our upcoming automation engine will make adding new imports, exports and more in a variety of formats even easier and faster.
  • We’ve enhanced fitment to include multiple fitment notes per product and also to support international fitment (Ktype).

(we don’t bite)

You may have passed us by in the past year, or you may have moved to a different platform.

Today, we’re better than ever so visit our site and click on “Get Started” at the top to arrange for a no pressure, no obligation call.

  • Fixed monthly pricing – no additional monthly charges based on your volume or how many channels you use – and an included shopping cart enabled storefront. Even if you already have a website, why not have two?
  • A comprehensive and personalized onboard that not only teaches you how to use the software effectively, but also helps you get your data accurately imported.
  • An amazing support team you’ll get to know by name that doesn’t draw boundaries at the edge of our software but helps you identify problems you may be having on the marketplaces themselves.
  • A suite of reasonably priced professional and managed services to assist with everything from listing management, to data enhancement, to custom creative services like eBay store and item templates and SureDone storefronts.

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