SureDone Onboarding Steps

Thank you for signing up! We are excited to have you as a new client and are eager to help you grow your business.

Our goal during the onboarding process is threefold:

  • Educate you on how to use SureDone
  • Get your data into the platform
  • Get you using the system as quickly as possible

We use a combination of tools, from online learning, to an “Asana” checklist to track your progress and let you ask questions specific to your account, to “Office Hours” which feature live online walkthroughs of our software in response to your questions.

Please follow all of the below instructions to get your onboard going.

After completing steps one through four, make sure to sign up for your kickoff call by following Step 5.

We’ve spent a lot of time to develop a great process to get you onboard quickly, but feel free to share with us any ideas to make the process better!


If you haven’t authorized your channels yet, log in to the SureDone system by visiting clicking here and follow the directions. Before doing this, make sure you have your eBay, Amazon and other credentials available for the channels you sell on.


Next, please fill out our onboarding questionnaire. This may take up to an hour but is a critical step in your onboarding process as it will inform us of how to set up your account. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM THOUGHFULLY AND COMPLETELY. AS IT WILL AFFECT YOUR ENTIRE ONBOARD. The questionnaire is located here.


Go ahead and sign up for our online e-learning by visiting here. Our e-learning site is designed to both educate you and to help you retain the knowledge, and will walk you through the basics and more advanced topics, from start to finish.


Make sure you are signed up for our support portal by visiting here (the login credentials are separate from your SureDone credentials). Get access to great guides and information, and also open tickets for the problems you can’t solve yourself. Please use the same e-mail address you used to sign up for SureDone so it’s apparent to us who you are when using the support portal.


Once Steps 1 through 4 are complete, please select a time for your kickoff call by clicking here. During this call we’ll review your completed onboarding questionnaire, get your account set up and discuss your data. Please make sure to fill out the questionnaire in Step 2 and watch the online training in Step 3 prior to attending this call.


You’ll review this in your kickoff call, but we use a “checklist” solution called Asana to track your progress and to give you a spot to ask questions. You can read up and watch a video on how to use Asana by going here. We also have several opportuntiies to ask questions and get live walkthroughs through office hours. Click here for more info.


If you will be using one or more of our pre-built automations to sync inventory, pricing, perform drop shipping, connect to repricers or more, please ensure you have already checked with the supplier or software provider to verify you are authorized for access to their data or system, and ensure you have credentials for this access. If you will be having us create custom automations, please have specifications for any systems we’ll be connecting to, contact information, credentials, preferably testing access, along with descriptions and rules of how you would like the automation to work.

Websites and eBay Templates

Please note that if you have not purchased eBay templates from us as part of your original sale, we have an in-house design and development team that creates brand new eye-catching eBay templates. We’ll be happy to introduce you to a developer any time during your SureDone journey. If you prefer using your existing eBay template, you’ll need to convert your eBay templates into our system (our professional services team can do this too for a reasonable fee) – or you can use our latest default template at no additional fee. Website templates for our storefront can also be modified by you (with knowledge of HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript) or you can use our team (at a cost) to modify our stock templates or build a completely unique site. You’ll need to consider colors, typestyles, images, what you want your front page to look like and any additional pages you’d like created.

Guides and Helpdesk

A substantial selection of how-to’s and also a spot to open up tickets (after you’re onboard complete) can be found at

SureDone Status

You can always see the current status of the SureDone system at

New Features and Release Notes

New features, bug fixes and other release information can be found at

Forums and Community

We have an excellent community for you to ask questions of your peers. It is located at

Expert Advice and News

We have a great blog and vlog filled with tips and tricks to grow your business, plus the latest SureDone news. It can be found at

We look forward to having you as part of our successful multichannel e-commerce family, and welcome to SureDone!